Friday, April 23, 2010

Did You Know...

Sarah and Molly, did you know...
that when your Mommy got married, your cousins Hannah, Hope and Sam, were in the wedding? They Were!! Hannah and Hope wore beautiful dresses and Sam wore a tuxedo, just like his Uncle Donny. Don't they look so great with Mommy in this picture? Sam really stole the show... just look at him! So handsome!
There were lots of handsome men at Mommy's wedding! Here is a picture of Mommy with Papa and all Papa's good friends! Mommy was so happy that day!
Your Mommy and Daddy, holding on to a special someone! We already knew you were growing inside Mommy, Sarah!! You and Mommy married Daddy that day!
6 months later, you were born! Look how cute you were, even sticking out your tongue!!
The little Walton girl!
Meme and Papa were so in love with you Sarah Rose. You were the tiniest little baby!
And now YOU KNOW!!

BY THE WAY... Big Papa had a birthday yesterday! We are having a dinner party at Beckie and Don's next week so I will post a late birthday post then! Sarah says "Mem, you should wear a dress because husbands like when their wives wear dresses to their birthday party!" You bet I'll be in a dress!