Monday, April 26, 2010

They really do shine... here's how to do it!

Dave and I had a little road trip this weekend. He needed to see some clients in Louiseville Kentucky and asked me to ride along. We planned to stop in Columbus on the way home to stay with my sister Frankie and her husband Tom. In Kentucky, we did some sight seeing and stopped at Churchhill Downs... home of the Kentucky Derby. Have to say, it reminded me of our very own Thistledown track! At my sisters, we had dinner and some cocktails... a FEW cocktails and the fun began. If you want your kitchen counters to shine... try this!

Dave holding Frankie as she shines that countertop!!
Please DO NOT attempt this, unless you have had a few cocktails!

Thanks for dinner and for the good time... you really have" scruples" Frankie, you really, really do!!