Monday, April 12, 2010

Baby Lesjak

Yes! You did read that last post right! Kelley is going to be a Mommy!
I am thrilled to finally be able to announce my secret news!!! Tegan and Kelley are having a BABY!! Kelley wanted to let some time pass, let the baby grow some and then share the news!
Kelley works for a High Risk OB office so she has been able to have early ultrasounds because of her history. Here is an ultrasound of Baby Lesjak at 12 weeks!
Amazing! Too soon to know girl or boy... Doctor looked and says the baby just might be a BOY! We will see!! So Tegan is getting to marry a beautiful bride as well as his very own baby! Umm... choosing life, is a WONDERFULLY BEAUTIFUL THING! Bridget's little Mya will be born around Aug 31st and Kelley's baby around Oct. 19th! Meme will be so busy, won't I?
Gem after Gem!