Sunday, October 16, 2011

First Birthday Party!

Layla's first birthday party was a big success!! Aunt Tammi made the Lady bug cake...

Uncle Danny and her Daddy tackle all the balloons!

There were alot of balloons!!!

Layla gets dressed... Lady Bug tutu style!

Layla, Mommy and Great Grandpa Vinny!

Dramma and Layla~ Looking so pretty for the party!

Layla's cousin Elliot gets right to the kids crafts!

Auntie Rockstar and Dramma just love Layla Lynn!

Just us girls!

Auntie Chelsea came all the way from Denver to celebrate with Layla!

Itty~ Bitty sweetness!

Layla loves to swing and takes advantage of the playground before her guests arrive!

Uncle Jeremy came in for the party too!

Layla says... "I am a lucky bug!

Uncle Danny came from Breckinridge to party with me too!!  ONE ALREADY!!

Yay!!  Clap your hands!

Meme came from Ohio... with kisses from Papay, Aunt BB, Uncle Donny, Sarah, Molly, Aunt Doodie, Cayden, Mya and Uncle Cyle!   Everybody loves Layla!

The big girl and her birthday cake!

Kristen is Layla's sitter and is just so sweet and kind!  Kelley and Tegan are so lucky to have found someone so special to care for Layla while they work!  Kristen has a little boy named Elijah, who is 2 1/2 and a 3 month old new daughter named Emily!  Layla loves Miss Kristen so much!  Layla is looking up at all the balloons!!

Great Grandma Beth, visits with Chelsea and Kelley!


"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Layla, Happy Birthday to you!!!

Make a wish!

Smash cake time!!!

Layla bent down close... oh yum, yum!

Elliot wrote Layla a beautiful note and he read it aloud for everyone!

Sarah sent Layla a pretty neat card too!

Molly wrote one too....  Isn't that so nice!  Layla loves her cousins!

Sarah is into the peace sign~  Peace Layla!

The hippo from Jordan and Breanne, Kelley's cousins and Layla loves him!!  Layla got so many fun gifts!!

Kelley's family ~ Tammi, Kelley, Layla, GG Beth, Jeremy, Elliot and Deanna.

Tegan flying away .... UP UP UP!

Uncle Dan gets into the action too!!

Layla had a fun time celebrating!  Meme has one more night with my little bug then I am on my way home!