Monday, February 2, 2009

I'm BACK....

Yes it's my new computer and I am ready to rock and roll, to let the good times roll, to kill two birds with one stone, to ...oh I think you get the idea!!!  Let's see what's been going on since my last visit...Just a cute little family picture...the Waltons.  Donny, Beckie, Sarah, and Molly.  This was taken a few days before Beckie left for Arizona!  Yes... it has come and gone...her really big Marathon.  Beckie ran the whole thing...she did a great job!!
She already has big plans to run another in May!!   It is true that when you run are hooked and you just have to run and run and run....!!!!  I wonder...should I try it???  I am thinking about it...I wonder if I could???

Donny had a BIG BIRTHDAY!!  Oh yes,  he is 30 now!  They had fun celebrating with brownies that Sarah said were just so yummy!!!

And then a few days baby girl Bridget turned 26!!  We watched little Cayden over night so Cyle could take Bridget out to dinner and a movie.  We all had a great time!!


It finally got built!!!  It was the house that Sarah and Molly built...It was so nice...

Sarah said...."yes, mem, its a nice one alright!'!!