Monday, November 11, 2013

But Tonight, You Belong To Me....

Be still my heart~

Here and There~

My littlest GEM in Colorado
was CinderLayla for Halloween!

Layla with her Mommy, Kelley~

Getting ready~

Beautiful Princess~

Layla with her Papa, Tegan~

I hear someone likes to hid out with Layla in the cupboard~
Sweet Bo~

Mya Brynn loves her baby but cannot sleep with her.
Why, you ask?
Mya will answer...
"She's kinda hard in the face!"

I got mail~ so sweet~
From Cayden!

In Breckenridge, Danny and Tegan spent a few days together.
Doing what they do best~
Can you believe this is happening already?
They love their mountains!

Kelley got Teg a sweet beard mask~
Ha~ hope it didn't fly up in his eyes and block his view!

Molly, Brianna, and Sarah in their homemade
shirts at the State Theater!

They were escorted to the stage where Hunter gave Molly his 
guitar pick!  What a thrill!

Beckie found this note on Molly chalkboard wall ...
"HH (Hunter Hayes) walks up to me at the concert and gave ME a guitar pic 
and NO ONE else!"
Molly will remember this for a long time!


My girls raking up a storm of leaves~

I wonder if they stayed in that neat pile