Friday, June 8, 2012

Jail... or is it PRISON~ Just BE NICE!

On Thursday, we all headed out to visit Alcatraz~

My buddy Danny was excited to ride a cable car
and rated it Great~ Two thumbs up!
Just look at that smile!
This little guy walked the audio tour with me...
listening intently and asking questions!
He was fascinated by it all!
Here he is in one of the cells~
Then in solitary confinement... 
poor guy!

On the way over on the ferry, he kept calling it a jail and 
some guy felt the need to correct him and tell him
it was a prison...
Seriously dude~ the kid is four years old.  He can
call it a jail if he wants too!

The view from the Warden's office of San Francisco's 

I did not take many pictures since I was busy with Danny,
but I know I have blogged about my past visit
to the island.  But I did take a few.

The Warden's residence~

The ruins of the homes some of the guards and their
families lived in.

After we took the ferry home, everyone got ready for
the Welcome~Rehearsal dinner that Meigan and Dennis
hosted for the out of town guests...
all 100 of them!!
It was fabulous~ didn't take my camera but
I will tomorrow for wedding!

Today we had breakfast and headed back to 
Pier 39~
Sarah look at the metal flowers I found there...
They have different colored gemsstones on them 
that light up in the sun!

We also saw some of these...
"Are those pansies on a stick?" asked Mary Annis
and I just busted out laughing!
I said yes, they just might be, but
then Laura told us they were Columbine flowers!

We went to Players on the pier for some refreshments 
and stayed all afternoon!

The girls...

The guys...


Evan took good care of us...
he was a young Johnny Depp~ he
talked just like him!

The guys reliving their Pebble Beach~Spy Glass
golf adventure!

So cute...

Dave had a great time playing Pebble Beach~
I hope he gets back there again one day!

in front of the church 
at rehearsal!
She will be a most beautiful bride!

Practice makes perfect, 
don't ya know!