Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday ...Again

Here we go.... 152.9 Holding steady!!

Yesterday at pilates, Meigan fell and broke her elbow
You might ask how, wondering is pilates all that dangerous? No, it's really not! We were working with the TRX, a suspended strap system, that really is GREAT and we had it in single handle mode. In single handed mode you must hold the bottom handle so they sort of "lock" together. We worked our right arm, doing bicep curls, and inverted rows. Hard stuff. Then it was time to do the left arm. Dear Meig, grabbed the wrong handle and leaned back to begin and the strap just went right through the other, leaving Meig free falling to the ground. Landing on her left elbow.

Really painful people!

I took her to the ER and just knew it was broken by her actions. She is going to see an Orthopedic doctor today. More on all this later!!

Feel better Meigan... you skinny bitch!

Edit: Here she is in all her GLORY!! Hot Pink...Really?