Sunday, December 20, 2009

Here comes Santa Claus...

Our good friends, Meigan and Dennis, hosted a children's Christmas party at their home this past Saturday! They invited 37 children, with parents and grandparents in tow! Here is Dave and Meigan sharing some holiday cheer!
Cookies were baked and shared! Children found cookies with their names on them...
and promptly began to eat them!! Here is Sarah munching around her name!

Families brought together...
Guests welcomed by Dennis the elf...
Katie, the elf who was Santa's right hand girl!

Friends got caught up with each other...

Romances rekindled... oh that Danny just loves our Molly and she loves him too!
Happy, photogenic faces everywhere, just waiting for Santa!

The dancing Santa doll brought out some good moves in this little guy!

Ella and Molly became new little friends!

And then, what to our surprise did arrive... Santa!!
Some "braved" a quick hug while others just watched.

Santa read a story to all...
and then musical instruments were passed to all the children with song sheets for the adults and a little sing-a-long was started!
Santa then gave gifts to each and every child there! Here Danny accepts a gift from Santa!
Cayden got a toy truck that made sounds!
Molly got a doll and Sarah was just so happy for her, telling her "Oh Molly, you are so lucky, Santa knew you wanted a baby and he got you one!" What a nice big sister!
Sarah received a little "cha-wow-wow"! Of course she just loves him to bits!

My little buddy Tyler got Elmo... just look at this face! He walked right over to Santa and this was his face on his way back to his mommy, Melissa.

This is what Christmas is all about!
Thank you Meigan and Dennis... you captured the hearts of children!