Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sweet Little Things...

Oh my, oh my... Mya at one week old! This baby is so very sweet and precious! A little mouse! I assign an animal to each of my grandchildren... Sarah: the giraffe, Molly: the elephant, Cayden: the monkey, Mya: the mouse! She is tiny, she is so delicate and petite! But just look at those feet!! She has the longest fingers, just like her mommy! A piano player for sure! Everyone who meets her loves her instantly!

Meigan came by to visit and it seems Mya had things to say!
This little guy loves his new sister! Bridget says he wakes up in the morning and looks all around for her saying... "MYA, ARE YOU?"

My daughter in law Kelley is 33 weeks now! It won't be long before we have her baby, Layla posing with this gift from YaYa Debbie!! Deb is so talented and we love everything she makes for us!! Kelley ... isn't this adorable?
It will find it's way to Grand Junction! My little "ladybug" Layla will be so cozy with this "lovie" blanket!! Layla has been giving her parents some concern... trying to get out a little too early!! Hang in there ~ you still have some growing to do Miss Layla!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cayden finds new freedom on 4 wheels!

We were at the family reunion when Cayden found this in Aunt Jeannie's garage...

Great Christmas idea...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Meme Lesjak and Nonna Ward have a plan!!

You take one baby Andrew...
and match him up with one baby Mya!
Danny and Molly... already working hard on this match!
Look... he loves when she reads princess books to him!! What a great catch for Molly!!
Cayden and Emily... also a work in progress!
It will be so fun to watch these little people grow into good friends along the way! Andrew Ward was born yesterday! Congrats to his proud parents, Kevin and Celeste! Welcome to the world little man!

We think Mya prefers younger men!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Family reunion Fun...

We had a little family reunion at my sister Jeannie's house on Sunday! I say little because many were missing from the festivities. My sisters Patty and RoseAnn were sick. My nephew Tim lives in Seattle but his son Max is here staying with his grandparents till Oct. 9... how his mommy can be without him amazes me!! I do know she cries alot but it is very important to her and Tim that Max knows his grandparents, so every summer Tim brings him and leaves him for a visit! My son Tegan and his wife Kelley were missing too... Colorado is just too far away! My other son Dan and his fiance Dag, missed the fun too!

Those of us that were there enjoyed each others company! Miss Mya was introduced to her Great Aunt Frankie...
and her Great Aunt Jeannie, Max's grandma!
Cayden found this quad in the garage and learned quickly how to push the button to make it go! It was so great for him to feel the freedom to move so fast... really it moved at a nice slow, safe pace (and Daddy followed right behind) but to Cayden, well he thought he was Uncle Tegan riding down Skinny Ridge!!! So very fun for him!!
We got all the kids together for a photo op... Bridget had to join in so we could include Mya~
Notice who was smart and stayed low when the loot of candy finally fell from Sponge Bob... That's Sarah in the blue striped swimsuit and Molly in the white shoes and shirt. Smart girls staying low to the ground!!
Cayden made out pretty good too!
The Sidewalk Chalk contest was a hit too...

Thank goodness Mua and Tim let Max visit!! Isn't he sweet? He and Molly hit it off really well!
Thanks to Jeannie and Dave for hosting the reunion! We all had so much fun!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Meeting the newest cousin...

Beckie and I took Molly and Sarah over to meet their new little cousin Mya! Cayden was so happy to see Rah Rah and Mo too! Molly held little Mya and really just studied her little tiny face...
But really, it was her feet that fascinated Molly!

Sarah was like a natural little momma! She cood to Mya and talked so softly to her!

Meme wanted a shot of all four together... what would trying to get THAT be like? Well, we were pleasantly surprised...
Everyone co-operated so well. Then Cayden said "hold me"! Sarah, ever the mom, gently took his face and turned it to her ...
and said, "You are the big brother now!" Beckie's hand ready to protect Mya, as Sarah tries to do two things at once!

Sarah does offer to hold Cayden like a baby, much to his delight! I love this girls heart!

We all went down to Cayden's playroom and had some fun!
We measured Mya's foot to Sarah's foot!
We decided Miss Mya has some pretty big feet!
Sarah read to Molly and Cayden...
then she sweetly rocked her baby cousin to sleep!
Thanks Aunt Doodie... for letting us come over and visit!
We love baby Mya~

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oh the JOYS...

being able to linger and hold,

oohhh and aahhhh...
snuggle and kiss...
Complete and udder BLISS!

The new little family is home together! Bridget was ready to go home early this morning but some baby tests required they spend the most of the day! By 6:45 they were on their way home with their sweet baby girl and one little boy who was so happy to be going to "Momma's house"! Check out Kelley's blog for some sweet pics of Layla Lynn!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kelley's Shower... And MYA Makes Her Big Debut!

Bridget Diana surprised me with a phone call this morning. She was at Fairview Hospital, working in the Peds ER when her water broke!! Two weeks early! Perfect... all she had to do was go upstairs to the 3 floor and deliver!!

And so she did...

Her very special focal point...

Her nurse Linda, who after 19 years as an OB nurse, delivered her very first baby WITHOUT a doctor present in the room!
Yeah, you heard that right! Bridget went from 8 to 10 so very fast that Dr Stark did not make it to the hospital in time. The house doctor was paged and he didn't make it in time either. I just kept reassuring Bridget that Linda knew how to deliver a baby without the doctor... and she did a fine job! Linda told us afterwards that Mya was her very first!!

Daddy sure loves his new little girl!

I was just so proud of Bridget... It was scary for a minute there when she realized the doctor wasn't coming but she really calmed right down and just had herself a beautiful baby girl!


Meme says... " Hello Miss Mya Mouse... it's Meme. That's right... you remember me!
Miss Mya Bryn Wilkinson August 17th, 2010 4:57 p.m. 6 ozs 18 1/2 inches

I then rushed home to my house where a shower for Kelley was taking place. A Virtual Shower, since Kelley and Tegan are in Colorado. I was anxious to get there in time to Skype with Kelley but first things first...

I had to show one little boy his new baby sister...
Cayden said, "Baby, Momma... are you??" Where are you, he asked. Oh gosh, I just love this boy. He will meet his sister in the morning!!

Kelley's shower was so much fun! So nice to get together with all my girlfriends! Here are a few pictures... more to come!

Roxi... the hostess! She and Beckie just held everything together here while I was at the hospital! We are shipping Tegan's truck and our plan is to fill it with the presents from the shower!
Some of the pretty packages!
I will post the rest tomorrow... Thanks everybody!!