Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I am home. Dave was happy to see me, and I was happy to see his face after two weeks! We had dinner with our good friends Jim and Kathy, then headed home for an early night!

On Monday, Beckie brought my gems, Sarah and Molly over to see me! I had missed them so much! Molly just hugged and hugged me! We went out to check on the garden and found some yummy treats to harvest and bring in!

We decided to head out to the rec center playground for a bit! We surprised the girls and just drove there... Sarah said "Hey, I remember I came here a long time ago", when she saw the playground!

Together they played...
Sweet sisters!
Mommy helped Molly to climb and Sarah tackled it in her Canada Flip Flops!! Crazy girl, she is a fearless one!

Molly told us to "Turn a-yound and don't yook" ~ She wanted to hide from us on the climbing slide. We turned and didn't look, but when we turned around we just had to laugh because she was just sitting there with her back to us in plain site.

She is so funny!
I am glad they are my gems!