Monday, April 18, 2011

Days and Nights mixed up!!

Days are fun here in Florida!

Sarah would live in the pool, if she could!
Molly loves to ride her scooter!
She really flies on this little thing!
She goes with reckless abandon... then lifts the leg behind her and coasts!
Then starts the pumping all over again until...
this happens! No worries, she gets right back on!
The girls have their first salamander, named Lindsay!
See her?
Sarah and Molly will take good care of her during the day then set her free at night! Sarah is not going to write the name on the cage since " I will be catching so many, right Meme?"
I shopped all day for new bedding, paint colors and bathroom items! When I got home the girls and I headed to Iguana Mia's for dinner.
We were wondering why Molly Carolyn was so whiny?
She felt better when we finally got our table!
Molly loves to color the menus!
Sarah was happy to see they had Corn Dogs! Little mini ones!!
Papa called while we were at dinner. He was surprised to hear we were at a restaurant at 8 pm.... So were we!! HA! We had just sat down! We had no idea it was so late!

The manager gave the pretty little girls some flowers to take home with them!
We were all in bed by 10! The drive is catching up to us! I was up at 3~ Hopefully tonight will be better!

Happy Birthday to Roxi~ we have a fun night planned with her and Rick!