Sunday, July 31, 2011


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Grizzly Creek... Colorado

I am in Colorado enjoying this...
and this...
Oh such sweet goodness!

Layla is so precious and getting so big! My littlest gem is so fun~ She loves to talk and imitate any thing you say! She gives kisses so sweet! She remembers me and Pop-pay and was happy to see us at the airport, clapping her little hands wildly!

I am so lucky to be able to spend two weeks with this gem!

Today, Kelley went off for some birthday pampering~ a haircut, nails done, pedicure and a massage! Meanwhile, Dave, Tegan, Layla and I met with Lisa and Lucas to go hiking early this morning. We drove an hour to Hanging Lake, just off 70, only to be turned away since there was no parking left in the lot. We turned around and went to Grizzly Creek instead and had a great hike!

Layla looks cozy in her bjorn, Tegan and Dave look ready to go!
We had no idea that Interstate 70 is Pearl Harbor Memorial Highway.... Did you know that?

Lisa lets us know how far the trail is and we set off~

Layla loved the rapids~ the loud rush of water captured her attention right away!
Look at her face~
Love her!!
And her Daddy too!

Lisa captured a picture of us...

Layla was having so much fun... just hollering and laughing!

We saw rocks piled high... marking that hikers were there! I even stacked some myself!

My hubby and my baby~ with his baby!

Pop-pay's turn to carry the "Load"!

Don't try this with a baby in your arms!

Tegan captured some pictures for me. I love this picture~ great angle!

Look at these...

Lucas... King of the mountain!

Rock slide~

Time for a change up. Layla was getting a little too warm in the carrier but was so happy to be in her Daddy's arms!
Watch her little face...
and his!
A kiss from Daddy!

One last look at some rapids... She loved them!

This girl makes my heart happy~ isn't that so sappy?