Tuesday, May 8, 2012

She Takes After Me~

Molly loves to take my phone,
 put it on camera and
  take picture, after picture!

Just like her Meme!

She took pictures of the cards she received
from her Mom, Dad and Sarah 
when she came to Florida a week
before them!
There was a card for everyday!

She took a picture of her new little bunny...

She even gets creative with her hand over the lens...
She loved this shot!

She enjoys taking pictures of texture~
a pillow on Meme's bed!

The ceiling fan in Meme's room!

Self portraits galore!

Pictures of some of her favorite things~

She poses them too!

She just might be a photographer one day!

Molly had kindergarten screening today
and she had a ball!

Look out world...
Molly Carolyn is on her way!