Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Girls!

I am loving watching my girls every day. Beckie started teaching at St Ignatius Elementary School last week. The girls get to my house by 6:45 am and we snuggle in for some word world on the tv. The days go by so fast! It is nice that we can play outside together. We love to swim, swing, and jump on the neighbors trampoline! Molly loves to push her baby in the stroller and Sarah is enjoying riding in her little play car. They love seeing Papa in the morning too! I am lucky to get to spend this time with them. It won't be long before Dave says "Let's go" and we will be off to Costa Rica and I am cherishing every minute with My Girls!!

We went to Northern Canada to visit our new friends, Jim and Nikki. It was so beautiful. We stayed in a cabin with Rick, Roxi, Carole and Bob. What a blast...we had good fun, good history lessons (thank you Carole), good wine and lots of laughs. It really is so nice to get away with friends! Jim and Nikki hosted a party for their "American Friends" that featured the largest lobsters I have ever seen and of course the Turtle Jack Girls!! We met many of their friends and had just a really good time. We introduced those Canadians to "Corn Hole", which they had never heard of before!! They loved it!! Next trip...Amish country!!