Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Take a picture and hold your place in time...

Danny has been taking some pretty breathtaking pictures~
Breckenridge Mountain

Sun flare...

He hiked and found himself on this fabulous property and 
thought to send me the info...

Just in case we wanted to buy a place near him!
I just love this kid!

His good friend Matt came for a visit and
they enjoyed time on the mountain together!
Danny doing what he loves best!

I took a trip with Meigan, Mary Annis, Mary Anne and Laura
to Meigan's condo on Anna Maria Island!
So relaxing.
There is nothing like be with the girls!
The view was fabulous~
The company so fun!
On this night I had on really high heels and was
actually taller than these friends for the first time.
I wanted a photo to prove it...
But during a remote shot,
they all stood on tippy toes to tower me!
I was really tallest for once!

We visited a store called Haggs Head and Meig
had a run in with a shark!
Cayden... this is for you!
It's just pretend, don't worry!
The beach is so pretty~
We walked,
and walked!

We talked,
and we had so much fun!
Meigan did about 4 forward flips to entertain us...
Not really but she probably would if she could!

I hope she had a great time~
she is a great hostess and we all 
enjoy spending time with her!
We made her smile a time or two!

We had dinners out...
Mary Annis and Laura~
Mary Anne, Meigan and I~
Thanks again Meigan~
Already looking forward to next year!

My girls got to go see Beauty and the Beast~
Thanks to Patty and Lin!

Molly wrote this note the night before...
It says...
Molly Carolyn
Beauty and the Beast
Going to that tomorrow
We are going to wear pretty clothes
I love 
Beauty and the Beast!

Beckie did Sarah, Julia and Molly's hair
in some pretty braids!
The girls looked darling for their big day
at the theater!

Beckie and her girls~
So pretty!

Bridget took the most darling photos of
her babies playing in the leaves this weekend~
Townsend Cayden~

Mya Byrnn~
How beautiful is this picture?
Great job Bri

Layla has been enjoying the snow in Colorado too!
Her parents posted some cute shots on 

Oh, how I love her!

Pictures do tell a story, don't they?
They hold our place in time!