Monday, May 17, 2010

New Friends!

Oh my goodness... I don't usually let the kids watch this show, but one day I was flipping through channels and found Jack Black on Yo GABBA, GABBA!! I was hooked and quickly recorded this one episode. Its called NEW FRIENDS! As you can see, even Cayden got hooked! Back it up Buddy!
The best part is when DJ Lance gives Jack an orange suit that matches his and Jack says...
Well, it doesn't really and that makes this episode really even more funny!! I am sure Jack's own children really thought it was cool their Dad was on this show!

In our own world, we made new friends too! Dagmara brought over her little cousins, Griffith and Ella to play! Molly and Ella were fast little buddies!
Sarah enjoyed little Ella too!
Molly has been "ON HER TOES" at practice on the trampoline!
She can actually jump and get some "air" now! Sarah is so proud!! Griffith is waiting for his turn!
Griff can really jump high!
He loved it!
And he loved the glide ride too! Dagmara assisted him all the way across!
After our fun outside we headed in for some music in motion! We did Little Fish in the family room... "lots of little fish were sleeping on a rock, in the bottom of the ocean..." Do you know it? So fun~
We had some parting artwork on the driveway to remind us of our new friends! Sarah is quite the artist and a pretty good speller too!
Thanks for sharing your cousins with us Dagmara!! Come visit again!