Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pilates V...

Boy, do I love pilates! I have been at it now for about 4 weeks and I just think its so great. I have found a beautiful studio near my home, with an instructor who is just so comfortable to work with and is so encouraging to me! So this, plus my yoga class on Mondays with Dagmara, have really been working me over!! I am feeling really tone and tight. It is a great feeling. I am hoping and praying I have found my niche... the one that will keep me interested and working hard.

Sarah had her Halloween Parade today at school! It was a crowded, hot mess. It always is, yet, the parents, and grandparents all show up for the fun! I speak from 14 years experience, teaching at this wonderful school! We all crowd in the "big room" and wait for the kids to come into the center, sing 4 songs and then go back to their classrooms. The parking is crazy, the room is crowded, the kids are ADORABLE!! Donny took some pictures for me while I held Cayden. We laughed since the pictures he took, aimed in Sarah's general direction, are really like playing a "where's waldo" game!! Look for the Black Cat! I found her ... here she is!

Take a look at this adorable "TREAT" Sarah got from her classmate, Jack. His mama worked hard to stamp out this gem for all the kids in the class. Inside was a small bag of M & M's. So clever!
Have a great Thursday!!