Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday, Monday...

Today, Bridget and Cyle came over early to leave Cayden while Cyle had his surgery on his shoulder.  Their little family is staying here for the next 3 days since Bridget works all three nights.  I will take care of Cayden... and Cyle, while she sleeps and works.  Surgery went well, and the block they used to numb Cyle is just wearing off now... at about 10 p.m. and we are hoping the pain killers start to work soon.  He says it is very painful and just so uncomfortable.  His ligament was torn completely off so it was a pretty big repair.  Let's hope the night goes by quickly for him.

Here are some cute shots I took today of my gems... This is Bridget and her boy!  
Isn't he just so sweet... I want to eat him up!  Love that he calls me NeNe....

Did I mention that the Wilkinson's also brought their dog Rowdy to stay with us too?  Well Sarah was really taken with Rowdy this visit.  She can now carry him around and she treated him like her little baby all day long!  She asked her Mommy if he could have a sleepover at their house and Beckie said YES!  Sarah was so very excited!  Rowdy was too!!
I had just the best time in Franklin this past weekend with Roxi and Rick!  We went to the Applefest and found a lady who makes adorable hats and headbands and of course I could not resist and bought a few for my gems!!
                               Happy to be me... how about you?