Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We had a fabulous time at WICKED! We were in the second row... Sarah in the aisle seat! She was so excited for the show to start!! Just watching her little face light up with excitement made me cry!! We had so much fun!! She dressed like a little Elphaba!
I love her so much!! Can you tell? She is such a gift in my life.

I am thankful for all the gifts in my life....
Rebecca Jean
Bridget Diana
Daniel John
Tegan James

I am thankful for the gifts they have given me...
Sarah Rose
Molly Carolyn
Townsend Cayden

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

2 Days to go...


Sarah can hardly wait! She is LOATHING everything!! She hopes Monday is ONE SHORT DAY and she plans on dreaming of DEFYING GRAVITY just like ELPHABA until she gets to Tuesday, our theater night! Sarah could take the stage on Tuesday night and help sing every song. I just may have a little theater fanatic on my hands...
But she sure isn't WICKED!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Can I eat more cookie dough??

The scene in my kitchen this morning was Sarah, Molly and I making chocolate chip cookies while Cayden was napping upstairs. The girls were given spoonfuls of cookie dough to roll into balls. They were having a hard time with this task.
Not because it was sticky. No.

It was because they could not resist rolling it into balls then taking a big bite right out of it!!! Half eaten cookie balls were then dropped onto the cookie sheet.
"That's ok?, right Meme?" Sarah asked. " We are the only ones going to get to eat these right?"

They cleaned up nicely... eating most of their mess!

And Cayden was ready with kisses, to thank his cousins for the yummy cookies!
Sarah looking very studious in Meme's reading glasses. I tell her over and over that this is not good for her eyes so...
We find an old pair and take out the lens and look out~~ She starts acting like a nut and tell us a funny story about how her hamster eats so much that his cheeks just explode out like this...
She laughed so hard she started to cry! What a fun day it was... As they were leaving tonight, Molly said...
"Have a nice day, Meme"

** It reminded me of a cartoon Gertie had on her fridge that always made me smile. It was one of grandchildren leaving their grandma's house and they say~
Thanks for enjoying us, Grandma!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Where the action is...

You can run.

You can try to hide.

But... you know what?
Cayden will always, always find you and come right after you!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Did You Know...

Sarah and Molly .... Did you know that your mommy Beckie used to ride a pony just like you do? Its true, she used to ride the same pony her Daddy, your Papa, used to ride.

She also rode one at her GG's house!! Here Mommy and your GG have fun together. Your GG just loved your Mommy so so much!!
Did you know that Mommy went to St Bernadette's for 1st grade? This is your Mommy getting on the bus for her first day of school in first grade, the very grade your Mommy now teaches!!

Here is a picture that your GG took of Mommy. GG alway took lots of pictures and...
she ALWAYS wrote on the back of them!! Here is what she wrote on the back of the scooter picture...

Mommy had a best friend named Katie Ward in second grade! They made their first communion together and were in Ms. Mengay's second grade classroom!

Wasn't Mommy so cute in third grade??

When Uncle Tegan was born, your Mommy sure loved him so much!! She liked to pretend he was her very own baby! She learned how to take good care of a baby so she could grow up to be such a good Mommy to you!! She always talked about how she wanted to me a TEACHER and a MOMMY when she grew up!! And just look... she is both now!!

Mommy would sing into the microphone... just like you Sarah, and she would have Aunt Doodie and Uncle Danny sing back up for her!! Mommy was always the boss of them!! Ha!

Did you know your Mommy had a kitty? Yes, she did!! His name was Ozzie and she just loved him so much! Mommy was very allergic to Ozzie but she didn't care.... sneeze after sneeze... !!

She shared him with Uncle Danny and Uncle Tegan too!

Just look at Mommy with her favorite person in the whole world!! Can you see who it is? You tell Meme!!

Mommy still loves Uncle Tegan so much!! Uncle Tegan and Mommy smile for a picture on Uncle Tegan's communion day!

Isn't it fun to see Mommy when she was a little girl? She sure did some of the same things you like to do. Hope you learned alot about Mommy today! Give her a hug and tell her you love her so, so, so much!! Meme sure does!!

Friday, November 13, 2009


Yes, it's true. Yes, a woman has been working in the woodshop. Yes... it's been ME and it's paint on some beautiful wood. But really, what little boy wouldn't prefer his horse be a painted pinto? Seriously. It just looks more rugged, and more boyish!!

I have been working hard, coat after coat. Almost finished and I will post the picture when Rocky Horsey, as Cayden has named him, is done!! I am having fun painting it and I am remembering Deb's motto... It may not be perfect, but it's made with love!!! I have had to tell Dave this... over and over again. He so prefers his beautiful stained wood to painted wood!! Here are some shots of the pony and rocking chair Dave made for Sarah...

She was a little unsure of what to do on this guy... but it didn't take her long to figure it out!! The girls still ride ... fast and furiously!! Dave decided to make Cayden's bigger since he will definitely ride it with a vengeance too!! His horse is so much bigger... it cannot possibly tip over!! Here is Sarah on her chair!! Papa's next project... BUNK BEDS for the girls!!
Speaking of painting.... some art work of Sarah's!

We have been reading our book of Grimmerie.... word for word... singing to our hearts content. Preparing for our date to the theater to see WICKED!! Our favorite song, you ask?
Meanwhile, Cayden had been enjoying a new tv show... Dinosaur Train!! He loves it!!
And I just love him...

and the way he crosses his little feet at the ankle!!
No word yet on the genetic testing...
Sarah found a new pet today...

that is, until it opened its wings and flew away!!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Oh Aunt Frankie....

Sarah wants to say Thank you to Aunt Frankie!! I traveled with Sarah to Columbus this weekend. We had a fun time "jamming out" to Wicked ALL THE WAY THERE! That would be 2 1/2 hours worth. That night, my throat was so sore from singing!! Frankie arranged a dinner out with some of her pilate clients she wanted me to meet! Kaitlan, her daughter, took off work to come along too!
Sarah and her 2nd cousin, Kaitlan!

Kaitlan got up early to watch Sarah so Frankie could torture me at TRX!! Frankie.... I was so sore after sitting and driving home on Sunday...I could hardly move!!! I feel much better today!! Thanks for the fun class!!

We all headed to the Columbus MarketPlace then to see Janice at J & J Enterprises for a little shopping at the sample sale!! Thanks to Janice and John for getting us tickets again this year!! Sarah was quite the shopper. In one store, she found a cute little stuffed doggy with no price on him so I told her to go ask the man how much it was. Sarah walked over and this is what went down. Pay close attention ladies.... we could learn a thing or two on how to strike a deal!!

Sarah: Excuse me, how much is this cute little gray puppy? I just love him so much!

Man: (Kneeling down to be at her level) How much is this cute little gray puppy?

Sarah: Yes, this one, from over there.... (pointing) I just love him, he is so, so, cute!

Man: Oh, you do? Well, then, that little puppy is yours. You can just have him!

Sarah: I can? Thank you!! I just love him!

Man: (smiling) You are very welcome!!
Sarah reaching for little gray puppy!! Can you guess what she named him? That's right... Little Gray Puppy!!

Frankie and I hurried her off to the jewelry store to try our luck there!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

He Man Woman Haters Club!

That's right, Dave is back in the He Man Woman Haters Club!! My friend Jane, made this sign when we added the woodshop to the house! It is a joke... girls are most certainly allowed to build whenever and whatever we want in there!! Dave is getting ready to settle in there for some winter projects! Starting with a rocking horse for Cayden.

A HUGE rocking horse for Cayden!! Bridget and Cyle wonder where in the world will they put this BIG horse? Cayden keeps asking to see "rocky, rocky" and points towards the wood shop!!

Here's Dave and the almost finished horse! I have a job now. Debo will be my guide but... I will paint this guy to look like a pinto pony...

Then my little cowboy will get it for Christmas... with a cowboy hat and vest too!!