Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sarah and her little ballet class!

Sarah takes ballet from the very teacher that her mommy took ballet from, Miss Tracy Vedda.  Miss Tracy's studio looks exactly the same, and Miss Tracy is still just as sweet as ever.  She is so good with the kids in the class.  This little group of girls are 4 years old.  Miss Tracy does fun little games to keep their interest peeked during class.  Some are better at listening than others and I was happy to see Sarah being a good student!!  She sat right by Miss Tracy and listened to her every word!

Just look... (Sarah with the green pompoms)
She was working so hard to follow directions and...
In this picture at the bar, she is the only one who is!!
She kept looking over at me and giving me the thumbs up!  I am proud of this little ballerina!