Monday, July 20, 2009

Trying something new...

I started another blog 2 days ago... a picture blog.  A picture a DAY for a YEAR.  Check it out at!  I also made my blog into a book.  It will be here in a few days... I am so excited.  I wrote in the forward that I started blogging as a way to journal the blessings of my grandchildren.  It has grown to be so much more for me.  I have read other blogs and really found some connection to their authors.  Its a little like imaginary friends... ones you know you would really like if only you could meet in person!  I ordered the book from The cutest blog on the block and it was really easy to do!  There is a section on the left that says...  Other Cool Stuff... Blog to Book.  I clicked it and answered a few questions and clicked start my book and just like that it had a sample with MY POSTS and MY PICTURES!!  I was thrilled!  I choose the hardcover and picture, then I was finished!  I can't wait to receive it!

The question today came via a phone call.

Phone rings
I answer...


"Hi Meme, I have a question for you.  We are going to see the animals that come right up to your window and you feed them."  Sarah says.

"Oh my," I say, "When are you going there Sarah?"

"Tomorrow, Do you want to come too Meme?", she asks. "Be at my home in the morning, OK?"

"Ok! "  I

I just can hardly wait!