Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday's Big News!

We had a pretty eventful Sunday around here!! It started off with Cyle bringing Cayden to my house at 6am so that he could go do a roofing job.  Bridget worked Saturday night to Sunday at 7 am.  She wanted me to bring Cayden to Fairview Hospital to have the blood work his pediatrician ordered done.  So we packed up and headed there at about 6:15.  The doctor and nurses working were all just smitten with this boy!  Of course he was all smiles until it was time for the needles and tubes!  He did a good job...  but that was only the first traumatic event of the day.  Have you seen Bridget's Blog?  Check it out here. 
This is a picture of Cayden, looking excited at the Snip-it shop!  Many fun things to look at and many bright colors!  They called his name and...

the crying began, again!  No sucker or animal cracker could stop him... he had had enough for one day!  Well he did calm down to take a good look at Danielle.  He probably just wants to remember her face so he can be more prepared next time!  Seriously, this girl cut hair so fast it would make your head swim!  She was so sweet to Cayden, trying to hurry the haircut up so he would stop crying!

Just look at how he checked her out!   When he was finished, the smiles came right back!  Cayden just looks so grown up with his new haircut! Mommy looks pretty proud, doesn't she?
We headed off to lunch and home, where Cayden took a long, long, long, nap!

Hope you had a fun weekend!