Thursday, March 31, 2011

What a day...

My girl and her boy...
along with this little gem,
loaded this big truck today. Cyle and Tom worked hard packing all this little families belongings on the truck.
Cayden was excited to see this BIG TRUCK filled with all their things! I told Bri to leave with the Cyle and the truck and that I would do some cleaning at the house for her!
Cayden didn't understand why Meme wasn't going to "Van Werk" in his car too.

Hugs and kisses. Tears. And off they went. Tears...

I stayed behind with Molly, who helped me cry.

She kept saying "Goodbyes are so hard, aren't they Meme?"

She cleaned with me and we cried some more when we went into Cayden's playroom and saw his little chalkboard with his name still written on it. We looked in the Jungle room and felt sad it was empty. Molly saw her old crib up in Mya's room and wondered..."Where will Mya sleep tonight?" I assured her Mya had her own crib in Van Wert, "don't worry" and we laughed and said Cayden always says that to us!! Don't Worry!

I came home to find comments on my blog from sweet friends, Roxi, Gina, Sheila, Nancy~ Thank You!

I found these beautiful flowers on my counter with a note that said...

Thinking of you and I love you,

Thank you Meigan!

A cheery phone message from Roxi~ Thank you Roxi!

Dave assuring me it would all be ok. Reminding me how Cayden will love growing up where he can run around outside and play in the woods! Thanks honey!

Texts from Beckie and Donny~ I love you too!

Sweet phone call from Molly and Sarah~ Meme loves you so so much!

Then the text from Bridget,

with this picture...
and this word-

HOME :~)

All is well.