Saturday, September 20, 2008

What a Beautiful Day!

It's Saturday morning and the sun is shining! Who could ask for anything more? Today Nate and Amber get married and I am sure they are counting this beautiful day as one of their blessings! Nate works for Dave and is just the sweetest guy ever! I am excited to be part of their happy day!

Yesterday, Sarah and Molly had their first day at the new babysitters house. Joyce will be watching Molly on Tuesdays so that I can do Music In Motion at school. Sarah and Molly will both go Fridays just to give Sarah a chance to get to know Joyce since she will be our backup when I have to travel or whatnot! She is very nice and I am sure the girls will grow to love her.

Cayden had his checkup at Dr Ballocks and things are GREAT!! Still in his brace for 2 months at 23 hours a day...then possibly just at night! Townsend Cayden doesn't mind them a bit now that his heel cords have healed. He is just the sweetest guy too!!

Beckie is very busy planning a fundraiser for October 11. It will be a carnival like theme with games and prizes!! Tickets will be sold for each game!! Thank you to all my friends who have already donated to her run. Beckie is so busy training but I know she will be ready because she is so dedicated that way. When she sets her mind to something--that girl gets it done!! Check it out!!

Have a beautiful day everyone!!!