Monday, October 22, 2012

So proud of a certain someone...

Sarah Rose!
Sarah wanted to stop piano lessons and her Mommy told
her she had to come up with another activity ~
She made a list and one of the things
she choose was to join a swim team!

So she did...
She is now one of the Torpedoes!
It was fun to watch her interact with some of her teammates!
Here they wish each other good luck!
  I asked Molly, "How old do you have
to be to be on this swim team?"
She said, "Five"
I said, "Great~ do you want to join too?"
She promptly replied "Mem, I can't swim!"
Oh yea... but she is close!!

Sarah's first event was a relay...
Waiting to go~
And she is OFF...


Sarah and her friend Carrie~ 
how adorable is this girl with her big smile?
They both love Coach Tony!
Who wouldn't?  Ha!

They got silly with the permanent marker!

Big reveal...
"Eat My Bubbles"
Beckie is a great coach to her sweetheart!
How in the world did this little gem grow to be so big?

I am so proud of her!

Carrie and Sarah...
just part of the 

Funny girl!

Molly and Meme
Team photographers!
Sarah ready for another swim!
Breast Stroke!

Molly doesn't miss a shot!
She is a lot like her Meme!
Last relay...
"We can DO this!"
Now Sarah does look worried! 
No she not...
There's that winning SMILE!
Aurora is off...
Sarah gets ready,

and off she goes!

Mommy and Molly are great cheerleaders!
Molly loves her big sister Sarah!

I decided to PUT MYSELF IN THE PICTURE more often,
I do want all my children and gems to see how
I love them and how I share in their joys!
I need to be in the pictures so they not only know I love them,
but they "see" it as well!