Monday, March 19, 2012

Some one is growing up too fast~

Sarah Rosie
I want her to always love dresses from the second hand store!
I want her to always love funky little shoes...
"They will go with everything Meme, they are purple!"
I want her to always love to spend time with her Meme~
no matter what we are doing!
I want her to always remember she is beautiful
at 6
will still be when she is 15!
I want her to always know she is my Giraffe Gem,
the first gem I ever had!
I want her to always know she can come to her Meme
for unconditional love!
Because I love her up to God~
I want her to always love posing for my camera,
and to keep making signs for everything
that matters to her!
I want her to always remember to skip through life~
She jump roped her way out of our neighborhood to
the club for dinner with me!
She sat like a little lady at dinner.
We talked about school 
and her friends.
I want her to always know love and kindness 
from her peers.
I want her to keep this feeling of glee in her heart!
I want her to know she is adored!
I want her to
growing up so fast!

Sarah missed her little sister, Molly, so much over the weekend.
Molly was at Grandma Carols.
Sarah decided to make something nice for Molly because I gave her 
a giraffe bookmark and didn't have one for Molly.
She made her an Elephant~
which is Molly gem sign from me!
This girl has a big heart!
She wrote Molly a note...
It read...
March 18th 2012
Dear Molly, I got
a metal giraffe.  I really
felt bad for you.  So to 
fix that problem, I made
you a paper elephent.
Hey, want to know a 
secret?  Way bigger
than my giraffe!
I love you bunches!
Sarah, your only loving sister.

How amazing to me, that this little girl could be 
so like her mommy.

Sarah did cry herself to sleep on Friday night, missing her Mommy, Daddy and sister.
It was the first time I could not console her...
Meme wasn't "good" enough for the first time.
Meme cried that night too.

My little giraffe is growing up~