Tuesday, July 2, 2013

9%... What a boy!

Cayden and Mya had so much fun at the kiddie pool
at Lakewood Country Club!

When Mommy got to Meme's on Monday night, we hit the road
for Montreal Canada... off to see Dr. G at Shriners Hospital
for Cayden's yearly scans and check up!

All smiles on the way there!
Mya is excited to be included in on the trip this year.
Last year she stayed home with Meme and Papa while Mommy and Daddy took
Cayden.  This year, Daddy had so much work that he couldn't get away, so
I went with Bridget and we took Mya with us!

Cayden took a good rest...
He is just the sweetest thing ever!
In Montreal~ the night before, at our hotel!
They have a pool on the rooftop and Cayden was excited to show
Mya!  "Look Laylabug... it's a LadyBug on the floor!'
We always think of YOU when we see one!

Meme loves to swim with us!
We had to teach Mya how to "catch her breath" to go under water!
She kept practicing...

Cayden said..."She is so cute"!

Morning came and Cayden was READY to go!
He was ready to show Mya his hospital!
He was a little nervous about the "blood shot"...
but that was about it!

The fish tank is one thing he remembers every year!
It is amazing how the fish come right over to him!

He spends a lot of time talking to each fish!

Time for some scans...
He changes into his little gown and gives Meme a thumbs up...
He had great news... NO BLOOD SHOT this time around!
But... ummm ~ Bone density?
Ok, no big deal!

"Check out my toes Mem,
"I have claw toes!"

Mommy reads to him while he waits!
After he gets dressed, we head back to main playroom to wait to
see Dr. G. 

 Cayden sees a new doctor first,  one who is AMAZED he hasn't
fractured in so long, especially with his Dentinogenesis Imperfecta (DI) being 
so bad!  We told him it's because Cayden is so smart and cautious about 
everything he does!  Dr. G. then comes in and examines our boy~  He is happy to see him and thinks it's great that he hasn't had a major break in so long!      Dr. G. did tell us that the balance of fractures will shift...
to be watching for spinal compression fractures as Cayden geta bigger and 
heavier!  Bone density went up 9%~ which is still not even on the chart~ at below average~
for a boy his age but he is glad to see any increase!
Bridget will wait until a fracture to begin any infusions~ good news indeed!

We had some good fun!
At dinner the night before, Cayden practiced his joke for the Dr's!
Check it out~ He asked Dr. G. this question too!


Fun at the hotel on the way home...

Cayden kept us entertained with his singing...
Mya wasn't too happy about it tho!

She wanted to do her own thing...

Congrats Townsend Cayden!!
You are the BEST BOY EVER!
Meme loves you!