Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Run along home little friend...

Sarah made a picture for her salamander
and then put her out on the front step
with the cage door open.
She said..." I guess if she is still here in 
the morning, I can keep her~ she will 
want to stay with me.  But if she is gone,
I will know she went back with her family!"
In the morning she was kinda of sad to see she had
left the cage...

but she had pushed some little rocks into a 
heart shape with a big arrow shaped leaf that pointed
at the front door~ Thanking Sarah for her freedom!
Sarah said "Can you just imagine her moving all these stones
with her little legs, Meme?"
There is magic all around.

At the beach Sarah and Beckie had collected
some shells for Sarah's classmates.
Sarah laid them all out, after they were bleached
and then put two shells into a bag for
each of her friends at school!
Roxi cut little tags for the bags and Sarah
stamped shells and wrote their names
on each one.
Then we tied them with little ribbons.

All ready to go!
So thoughtful to think of her friends
at home!
 Love her!