Monday, July 6, 2009

Sisters, Sisters...

Sisters who play together... sisters who fight with each other! Sarah playing with Molly's new birthday present, Molly not to happy about that at all!

Bigger sisters who sometimes win ...

Little sisters who give in and really could care less

Sisters who stick by each other and are always looking out for the other one. This two are alot like that already. Sarah might have won this one but... just check out the shoes on little Miss Molly!! Why, Meme wants a pair just like them for herself! Molly may not have got her way this time but look out... this girl is starting to stand her own ground. She'll step her way to victory! So reminds me of these two... back in the day!

Beckie is the best Mommy! She is busy raising up two very different and beautiful baby girls! I love that she shares so much of them with me!!