Friday, August 7, 2009

Big Fun!

We had big fun at Roxi's yesterday!!  Working the garage sale.  I know, it doesn't sound much like fun but when you are together with friends, there is always fun!!  Roxi brought out her antique carriage for the girls to keep busy... they took turns pushing their "babies" up and down the sidewalk!

I watched in wonder and thought to myself... 

Molly will be forever "chasing" her big sister.  Molly wants to do everything Sarah does!  Since it will forever be just the two of them, one will always be the leader, strong and determined ready to teach the younger one.  And one will be the follower, just as strong and determined, and ready to learn by following!  I just love these two precious girls!

 GG a.k.a. Marlene... called GG since all she wants in life is grandkids and granite...of which she has neither... was there for the fun too!  She loves spending time with my gems and I love to share them!  Beckie was off to the dentist so the girls came for a couple of hours and Cayden's mom, Bridget was home resting for her 7pm to 7am shift at Fairview Hospital ER, so Cayden was there too! Cayden enjoyed army crawling on the grass for the first time. He really did not like it at first but Roxi got right down there with him and soon enough he going all over the place!  Look at his first reaction...

On a side note... Can I just say there are so many fun bloggers!!  It is so fun to "meet" people/friends this way!!  One of my newest "friends" shared this today!!  Go see it for yourself!! Its adorable.