Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Miss know-- Mr. Bill's Mom!

Marlene, Patty and very cute!

Miss Marlene longs for GRANITE and a GRANDCHILD! Is that so much to ask for?? All in good time, Marlene. Patience, after all, is a virtue! Jake will be here before you know it! : )

Beckie's Big Bash!

We are getting ready for Beckie's Big Bash on Saturday Oct. 11!! We have been busy getting our gift baskets ready for the chinese auction. I am really hoping to see my friends there to help with the fundraising!! It is a great cause and Beckie is really working hard training for the marathon not to mention going to work, school, and online classes! How she keeps it all up is beyond me. I can't remember what I am doing tomorrow or the day after that, yet she does it all and takes care of her girls as well! We all know she has lots of help there from Donny, Me, Aunt Doodie, and YaYa. Ryan's story really inspires her to do this and we all want to support and encourage her along! Keep her in your prayers...come out to the BASH, and have some great fun! Email Beckie at for more info on Beckie's Big Bash!!