Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Wild Things"

We traveled to Port Clinton to visit the WILD THINGS at the Safari Park there!  Crazy Fun.  The girls had a blast! Cayden... not so much!  Check out my pictures.

Sarah, Molly and Beckie watching the Pigs Race!  So exciting... they really ran FAST!
Little Miss Molly happy her "PIGGY" won the race!
Molly takes a ride on Blacky... isn't she just such a little peanut?
Holding on really, really tight!!
Sarah showing her horsemanship!  She was a natural... waving and talking all the way around the track.  Any guesses on her horsey's name??  You got it... Whitey!!
So happy in this picture!
On the wild trail, with our cups of food... ity-bity pellets!  The girls would throw them out the window for the little baby deer.  While on the trail,  the animals come right up to the window to be fed!  Some are small, some are huge...
Hello Bison!!  Holy crap... did he scare us!!  He just stuck his head in for a sniff and then walked along side of the car for a bit!!
The little deer were much more our size!  Here, Sarah feeds her new friend a carrot!
Awww... no more carrots!  
Yes, look at that hot mess on my windows!  When my kids were little and we came here, I swore I would NEVER do that again.  The car was an absolute mess ... inside and out!  But... here we are again and it was well worth the mess!!
Hello... open this window please!
Some were to big for us to trust... we feed them through the crack in the window!
Lastly... this was pretty much Cayden's reaction.  WHAT THE HECK IS THAT????  And then SCREAMING CRYING!!  Thanks for inviting me, Sarah... I had a really good time!