Friday, November 26, 2010

30 Days of Thanks~ #25 THANKSGIVING!

It was Thanksgiving morning and Sarah wrote out the lists of guests... Girls and Boys!
Then she and Molly got busy cutting and preparing hats for everyone to decorate and wear! Even Donny got down on the floor to help with checking over the list to make sure no one was left out!
Molly was proud to show me a sample hat...BUT,
I was not so sure Mister enjoyed modeling it for us!
Games were played outside~
There was running and ROARING of course!
Turkey cooked in a slow cooker inside AND turkeys deep fried outside!
Tables set up in the garage, heated of course, to accommodate our extended family!
Just check out the KIDS TABLE! Sarah is happy~
Our hosts Donny and Beckie, looking pleased its all going so well!
The night before the kids set to work making the centerpieces. Apple Turkeys~ Sarah jumps right in while Molly and Cayden watch and learn!
Now they get it! Everyone gets to work!
Such concentration~ Cayden had trouble just trying not to eat all the marshmallows!
Molly thought he was CRAZY!
Soon even Donny had to jump in and help! I never knew my son in law was so darn CRAFTY!
Look at their finished project! Gobble Gobble! They made 8 of these darling turkeys!
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving too! We decided we were really going to try and cut back next year. We had way to much food~ we had appetizers, and then dinner with all the trimmings! We must have thought we were feeding an army, since there was so much left over~ We will be eating turkey and green bean casserole for DAYS!!

30 Days of Thanks~ #24 Silliness

Sarah Rose can always bring out the silly...
See what I mean? I am THANKFUL for the ability to laugh at ourselves!