Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's Wednesday...

Congratulations to my daughter Bridget's sister in law, Joy, who had a bouncing baby boy today!! Mason is here and I hear he weighs in at a whopping 9 lbs. 10 ozs. How in the world did little Joy do that?? Joy's mom is in town to help out and I am sure she is in her glory, enjoying this precious new grandson!! Cayden will have a buddy for summer weekends at the lake! Grandpa Curt must be thrilled too!! I can't wait to meet him!

Weigh in time.... 153.2 I can't seem to move from this mark. I go up and I come down a few ounces every week. I am going to kick it up with cardio to see if I can't get something to happen!! Stay Tuned. I still feel like I am looking good, so that is very encouraging to me. I have had to shop since pants aren't fitting right - I know somethings have changed for the better!!

My sweethearts gems are all good. Sarah and Molly continue to remind me of Beckie and Bridget when they were 4 and 2. Its so funny to me. Sarah is her Mommy reborn. How she talks, acts, and even how she walks. Molly is Bridget. Tiny, such a little munchkin, like Bridget was. Molly does whatever Sarah tells her to do when they are playing... I love watching the two of them when they are being good to each other.

Cayden was so happy to see the girls after our week in Florida. He knocked Molly right off her feet with a big hug!
They are too cute together!!
Cayden woke Sarah up then too! "Ra Ra", he says over and over!
So glad to be reunited with his girlie cousins!! Cayden's cast is off... he is ready to go-go-go, what we call walking. He is hesitant to take off though! Time will tell.