Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Truth Be Told...

Today, Bridget and Cyle did hear answers to the questions they have had, for over a year now. Dr Rauch, took one look and told these parents that, Yes, he could say that clinically, Cayden did have OI- Type 1. A man who has published many research studies on this disease, saw the signs, too many to be denied in our little man. As I watched and listened, I saw my daughter and her husband, accept something I think they already knew in their hearts. They listened, they asked questions, and they seem ready, so ready for the challenge.

Here is how their day started...

Cayden, this morning at 7 am, waiting for the Shriners Van to pick us up. Little did he know that this day would define his little life!
The waiting room at the Clinic at the Shriners. We were first to arrive, but soon this room was filled with parents and children seeking expert treatment.
Cayden loved playing here!
Even in the playhouse... he was wishing Sarah and Molly could see it too!!
Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE here was beyond nice. So kind, comforting, and professional. Here Mommy holds Cayden as they set up for the blood draw. Just like the peds er at Fairview, they have a childlife specialist who works to distract the child during painful procedures. "Angie" was so great at her job!! We had a plan... Bridget and I would handle any blood work, while Cyle would handle x rays since Bridget is pregnant. Cyle tells me he just could not handle any one hurting his son, so he said it was best that he left the room! My other job was to take care of Cayden while Mommy and Daddy talked with the doctors. The Rn doing the draw had an awful time... 2 tries later and she had about half a tube. Bridget, who is so proficient at finding veins, bit her tongue as this nurse did her best.
Daddy's turn next. Here father and son wait for x rays. They started with a bone density test. Then on to a spine x ray. Later in the day they also did skull and hip x rays. Cayden made a friend waiting for x rays. A little boy named Sam. These little friends just kept hugging each other!
Soon we were called back to see the "Bone Doctor"... Cayden says it like BOONE doctor. This is Dr Rauch's Fellow. She was just the sweetest doctor. Cayden liked her right away and did everything she asked. I am sorry I do not remember her name and as I type Bridget is sleeping...
She definitely had a way with this baby!
Dr. Rauch then saw Bridget and Cyle. I did not get any pictures of that private moment. Just Cayden looking to share a new toy he found with me. We took walks... many little strolls down halls, smiling and saying HI to everyone we saw. In Canada, they respond with "Hello"!!

We came in and out of the room where Mommy and Daddy listened and talked to two doctors who gave good advice as to how to proceed. Cayden could not be in better hands, this I know. I will leave the rest of this story for Bridget to tell...

I will tell you that the Shriners hospital Did Not charged a penny for this care. They paid our hotel expenses as well. They cared for us inside and out and I want to Thank them for all they do for children!!

We left Canada today at about 2 pm and drove to Rochester New York to spend the night before heading home tomorrow!!

Did we stop at a hotel with a Pool?

You bet we did!