Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Todays theme is Nostalgia!  I am repeating a photo I blogged about a couple of weeks ago.  I like to call it the "ROMPER"  I wore them,  you probably wore them and now my grand babies wear them and they love them!!
So when Molly came over in hers... it took me way back!!
Molly looking so sweet in her modern day version of a timeless classic!!!

ROMPER... My sister Frankie, a neighbor, and me! (check out those glasses!)
                                                 See more Nostalgia here!

Tuesday Treats!

One cute picture from yesterday... Cayden and his Daddy reading a fabulous book together!! Cayden really had to get a better look at the monkey in the picture!!

Of course, I must mention that one of Tuesdays Treats is the great way I feel after Monday Yoga class with Dagmara!  Class is every Monday at Meigan's, where we have the beautiful Lake Erie as a backdrop, at 6 pm.  Join us!! Cost is $10 per person.  Dagmara is just the best instructor!
We have been practicing with her for months now and we are all impressed with how we have improved!  
Well, until she had us "FLIP OUR DOG"  WHAT???

We had some special guests join us for the end of our class... Danny Warkin and his sister Emily!   Here is Aunt Katie, the bride to be, helping Danny strike a pose with his grandma Meigan!

Have a lovely Tuesday... find some treats for yourself!