Thursday, October 2, 2008

Where does the time go...

Wow...this summer has been filled with weddings!! This weekend we head to VanWert to see Jackie and Mark get married. Last weekend it was Sarah Wang and Katie Coyne's wedding days. I remember thinking at the beginning of the summer that we had 8, yes folks, I said 8 weddings! Let's see...Kevin, Tim, Becky, Jason, Nathan, Sarah, Katie, and Jackie! Crazy but really a lot of fun! Its always good to be with friends, old and new at weddings. It is so nice to watch the young couples who are so in love ready to start the journey of marriage. Bridget and Cyle will be married a year on Oct. 13th. That time as flown by...nothing like the news of a pregnancy and a birth to make things fly! Dave and I will be celebrating our 29th year of marriage. I could say that has flown by too...four kids, one cat, one dog, two grand daughters, one grand son later!! I am wondering if anyone knows what the anniversary gift is for 29 years. I always thought those things were reserved for the mile stone know, 1st, 25th, 50th, etc. But I learned this past weekend that there is something for every year. Things like silver, & gold for the big ones and some more simple things like rubber!!! WHAT?? I found out that every year has something to go along with it. Have I been missing out on a lot of good gifts? Not too sure...Can't wait to see what October 13th brings me!! Have a great weekend!