Saturday, August 21, 2010

Meeting the newest cousin...

Beckie and I took Molly and Sarah over to meet their new little cousin Mya! Cayden was so happy to see Rah Rah and Mo too! Molly held little Mya and really just studied her little tiny face...
But really, it was her feet that fascinated Molly!

Sarah was like a natural little momma! She cood to Mya and talked so softly to her!

Meme wanted a shot of all four together... what would trying to get THAT be like? Well, we were pleasantly surprised...
Everyone co-operated so well. Then Cayden said "hold me"! Sarah, ever the mom, gently took his face and turned it to her ...
and said, "You are the big brother now!" Beckie's hand ready to protect Mya, as Sarah tries to do two things at once!

Sarah does offer to hold Cayden like a baby, much to his delight! I love this girls heart!

We all went down to Cayden's playroom and had some fun!
We measured Mya's foot to Sarah's foot!
We decided Miss Mya has some pretty big feet!
Sarah read to Molly and Cayden...
then she sweetly rocked her baby cousin to sleep!
Thanks Aunt Doodie... for letting us come over and visit!
We love baby Mya~