Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cayden's First Birthday!

Cayden having his cake and EATING IT too!!  Cayden loved opening presents too... especially tearing the wrapping paper.  Cayden crawled to the door to look for his buddy Rowdy, it was so cute!
Cayden with... Mommy, Daddy, Dagmara, Danny, Meme, Joy, Grandpa!!  He loves to give KISSES... with his mouth WIDE OPEN... look out!

Since Cayden is Townsend Cayden, the 5th,
I gave Bridget and Cyle a picture frame with this picture and these words engraved on it... 

                    Five Generations

A baby is born, A tradition is passed on, And the LOVE continues to grow!

Charles was Caydens' great, great, great Grandpa ~ T. C.Wilkinson 1
Clarence was his great, great Grandpa ~  T. C. Wilkinson 2
The tradition skipped a generation here...But Richard Wilkinson named his son...Curtis
Curtis is his Grandpa ~ T. C. Wilkinson 3 
Cyle is his Daddy ~ T. C. Wilkinson 4

Cayden is T. C. Wilkinson 5 !!  
I really think Bridget loved it!!  Happy Birthday T. C. W., the 5th... we love you!