Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Papa's Woodshop

Dave, a.k.a. "Papa" has a wood shop. Papa loves his wood shop. He has made many really nice things in his wood shop. Just wanted to share a few with all of you! It started with Sarah's nursery furniture.
Finished project in Sarah's room...
with a matching changing table...
Then came the rocking chair...
Sarah really loved that so much!!
Oh... the rocking horse!

Sarah had a double whammy that Christmas!!

A picnic table for Uncle Mike!
A shoe bench for Beckie and Donny!
A fabulous workshop on Cornhole games. Rick, Bob and Danny got in on that one! Dave and Bob went on to make a bunk bed for Bob's daughter Kara.
This great picture frame he made for my GEMS... pictures on both sides!! This one he had requests to make as gifts.
The filing cabinet next to the desk to hold my MUSIC IN MOTION papers, etc! I love that one!

A swing for our friends Kathy and Gary so their granddaughter Gracie could swing in their backyard. And so much more... He is one talented "Jack of all Trades". This man can do anything and everything! We love Papa and all he does for us!! Sappy or not... he is one of my best GEMS!