Friday, March 30, 2012

Are We There YET?

On Wednesday, at about 1:45, Debbie, Molly, Cayden and I
hit the road for Florida.
By 1:55
Cayden asked...


Beckie and Sarah gave Molly big hugs when
they dropped her off on Tuesday night!
Cayden wanted in on some of the hugging!
Sarah says she will miss her little sister!

On the road the cousins played and sang silly 
songs together.  I drove, while Debbie tended to 
these two crazies in the back seat!
We had dinner and games here...
Love the rocking chairs at Cracker Barrel!

Molly took my camera and snapped a few pictures...

We drove till around 12:30 am and stopped in Fort Hill, Sc~
The kids napped at around 5 so Cayden was still up so
there was no sense in driving all night!
We hit the road again at 7 am on Thursday!

I dropped Debbie off in Sarasota at about 6:30 to see her Dad~
She will fly home on Wednesday!
Thanks Deb~ you were a big help with the kids 
and I hope I saved you a bit of cash only having to 
fly one way!

We got to the "Florida" at 8 p.m.
and did our traditional jump into the pool
with our clothes on!
Molly kept saying...
"it smells like Florida... yep, we are here!"

This morning, we had some errands to run before we could swim!
The wait at the gate 
is just so hard!

Molly and Cayden put on their best faces
and sang..."Jump Up~ It's a Good Day, It's a Good Day"
saying Hello to everyone we met at the community center!

Finally home, they totally enjoyed a great day 
in the pool~

Naps came next!

We walked with Roxi and her little friend "COOPER"
who would rather ride with Molly and Cayden!!
Roxi was just babysitting this cute little guy!
So fun...
so just like Mister, right Sarah?
We think they might know each other!!
When we crossed the state line into South Carolina
Molly shouted~
"Mister came here!"

Molly enjoyed talking on the phone to 
Mommy and Sarah!
She told Sarah a secret!
A big surprise for Mommy when she gets to Florida!

Cayden liked sending Mommy and Daddy videos
of the way he is swimming and jumping
into the pool! He also loved the video mommy sent him
and the funny email too!

He is waiting for you Sarah...
to help him catch a lizard!!

We are feeling the effects of the long car ride tonight!
We are so tired!!
See you tomorrow!