Saturday, November 27, 2010

30 Days of Thanks~ #26 A Boy and his Papa!

He loves his trucks and cars. Imagine his delight when Papa took him out to his wood shop and gave him some scraps of wood and some sawdust!
Cayden filled all his trucks...
Papa helped too!
So fun...
Cayden made a ramp with the wood! Trucks "zoomed" up and down!
Papa kept checking on Cayden and suppling him with more "dirt"!
Then Papa would go back to work on the entertainment center doors he was making!
Cayden made "roads"!
He showed Meme what Papa was building!
Here's Dave finishing the doors for the bottom front of the cabinet!
Boys and Men with toys~ I love them both! What fun to have a use for all that sawdust!

I am THANKFUL for the Friday after Thanksgiving, where you can spend the whole day in your jammies (which I did) while your husband is kept busy!