Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Video Fun!

Sarah sent Cayden a video today! She wanted to show him how she can dive for the rings!

This was his response... all while having a terrible cold and watching Toy Story.

As Cayden started talking, both girls yelled "Hi Cayden"! They were confusing video chatting with just a video. They miss their little buddy Cayden! They will miss each other this trip... They leave for home the day Cayden and Mya come this year. Cayden will surely be sad they are not here when he gets here!


Yesterday was plain.... FUN! The girls headed to the beach with their mommy, very early! Then we spent the afternoon floating the day away!
Sarah enjoyed an ice cream sandwich poolside!
Then got right to work on her diving skills! She is so funny~
she s l o w l y puts her head to the water and goes under...
then the arms start waving wildly...
then the feet kick up...
and she is down under!
She always comes back up!
So proud!

We went to Gatsby's Pizza restaurant for a birthday dinner with Roxi and Rick! We headed right back home since the girls invited Rick and Roxi to a "movie night" at our house! We watched TANGLED, for about the 10th time~ but Rick and Roxi had never seen it before, so they were EXCITED! They loved it, just like we knew they would. It is seriously fantastic!
Roxi got a Kindle for her birthday and I treated her to a couple of books! We are reading The Forgotten Garden and The Kitchen House... both great! Thanks for the book tips Frankie!

Roxi said she had a fabulously fun birthday! Hugs all around!

This morning, the girls got busy with their correspondence duties. Many big dates coming up and cards must be mailed!!

You will never guess what we did next... at 8:30 am?

Can't trick you... we got in the pool AGAIN!
Sarah can now dive for the rings!
So much fun!
Lunch poolside!
Sisters, friends... done playing little dolphins together and drying off for nap time!
Doesn't take long before we find this...
and this!

Today, someone else is packing and getting ready for the plane rides to Meme tomorrow!!
Be still my heart!