Friday, March 8, 2013

Meme's Gems!

I am linking up with Kelly's Korner to show off my GEMS!

Meet Sarah...
She is 7, in second grade, she loves to read and write stories!
She a a GREAT swimmer too!
This is Molly, Sarah's little sister...
Molly is 5 and in Kindergarten
and dressed up today like Cindy Lou Who
for Dr Suess Day~
Isn't she darling?

Molly loves to read and play her violin!

Cayden is 4 and in preschool~
Cayden was born with Brittle Bone Disease but
is so smart that he hasn't fractured in over 2 years!
He knows just what he can and cannot do!
One thing he does do is sing!
Here he is singing a song from our Florida Road Trip cd~
he is practicing to belt it out with his cousins Sarah and Molly in
a few weeks!

Here's Mya...
She is Cayden's little sister...
She is 21/2~ will be 3 in August!
She is a happy, talkative little wonder!
Mya knows her ABC's...
She likes to sing too!

Lastly is 
What a gem this one is!
She is also 2~ will be 3 in October.
Layla likes to dance and watch Yo Gobba Gobba!
She plays dress up and likes to 
sing too!
Layla loves to play peek a boo with her Daddy!

They are my 5 GEMS~
I receive so much JOY from these 5!
And their Mommy's and Daddy's too!

Thanks for visiting!