Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Murts are in town~

It's true.... The Murts are in Cleveland to celebrate Chad and Selena's upcoming wee little baby! We had a baby shower for Selena on Saturday! Missy, Levi and Roxi drove in from New Jersey on Thursday. Rick flew in from Florida on Friday am and Selena flew in from Oklahoma on Friday afternoon. It's a rare treat to have them together in Ohio so we were going to make the most of this long weekend trip! We planned a BIG SURPRISE for Rick, who will be 60 in April. First, his son Chad, Selena's better half, who was not planning on making the trip, DID!! The look on Rick's face when Chad walked in the door was priceless! Little did he know we had another surprise up our sleeves!

The Murts... Missy, Roxi, Rick, Selena and Chad. Missing from this photo: little Levi and his daddy Jason~
We arranged for "our gang" to meet us at Champs for a surprise birthday dinner! Here's Rick at the moment of SURPRISE!
Melissa looking happy to have surprised her Dad!
Some crazy party guests... Jim and I!

During the day, Cayden and Mya were here and they enjoyed meeting Little Levi for the first time!
The proud Papa...
Cayden waving to his friend Missy!
Bright beautiful sunshine warmed our days...
while little ones warmed our hearts~
Levi's name pillow is presented! Oh that Debbie!
Levi snuggled Papa as he sings low and slow~ Amazing Grace! He loves to feel the good vibrations!
I have been waiting 5 months to meet this little guy!
I watched this little girl grow up to be this mommy~
I knew she would be a good mommy~
I am tickled to witness her joy and happiness!
I am just trying to figure out what he is storing in his cheeks?? Oh God is Good! Mel and Jason are lucky parents~ Levi is just as sweet as can be~ so smiley and good natured!

After our good time Friday, we woke early Saturday to prepare for the Selena's baby shower! The nursery colors are brown, light blue and burnt orange~ easy! Deb and I got busy planning our table settings! Debbie had the baking job and she excelled, as usual! The cupcakes were little babies with binkies! Cute! She also came up with the napkin holder idea~ she is so very clever!
Blocks and toy cars finish off our table! Roxi made bookmarks and we donated to the OI Foundation instead of favors~ Thanks to everyone!
Our Selena was so beautiful and loved opening each and every gift! We had each guest, who's gift she was opening, give a bit of parenting advice!
We all know Baby M will be a HUG MAGNET!
Debbie's handywork again, a beautiful quilt. The name pillow will follow his birth since Baby M's name is a BIG FAT SECRET!
Selena was so very touched by so many parts of the day! She is the sweetest thing!
Cute gifts...
Baby Levi made the rounds! Auntie Kristen enjoys a snuggle!
Mya sat at the big girl table for the first time!
She was pretty happy about that!
Uncle Chad and Auntie Selena get some good practice and Levi was loving every minute of it!
Papa and his favorite grandson, Levi Andrew... for about 13 weeks more~ then he will have 2 Favorite grandsons!
Hey Meigan... this one is for you! Not real sure what in the world I am doing, but I had to share since I did it to you on the wonderful post! Can somebody please tell me what is going on with my hair? Sarah, Molly, Cayden, Mya and Layla... Isn't Meme so FUNNY?
There's so much more, but all in good time, my friends! I don't want to overwhelm you or anything! Big Papa Dave comes home tomorrow~ he missed all the festivities but just wait till I blog about what he has been up to in Florida!