Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How High Can You Go?

Molly asks everyday, "Can we please jump on the trampoline?" She looks at me with this face...
How can I say no? Our neighbors, who live diagonally behind us, Dave and Maureen, have a trampoline. I told the girls how years ago Dave put it up in their yard. Uncle Tegan watched and asked if he could go over and ask if he could jump on it too. Dave's kids were little, about 2 and 4 years old. Tegan was about 10. I told him he could ask. Off he went. Dave gave permission, as long as I said it was ok. Tegan jumped everyday. Dave's little Christina loved to jump with Tegan. Well, Tegan grew some and eventually didn't jump as much as he used too. One day there was a letter in the mailbox, addressed to Tegan. We could tell it was written by a small child, someone new to handwriting! Tegan opened it to find a letter from Christina, who now was in 2nd grade. It said,

Dear Tegan,
Do you remember when you used to jump on the trampoline with me? Do you want to do it some more? Can you come over sometime? I hope you remember me. My name is Christina and I am in 2nd grade now. Please come over.
Love, Christina

Well, Tegan , who was about 16 at the time, growing into a man, was into working on cars and skateboarding with friends, was a little unsure about the whole thing. I told him he just had to go over when he saw her out there. It was the right thing to do, after all he did enjoy the trampoline for so many years! So the next time he saw her, he went over and jumped with her. Today Christina is about 13 and she remembers her little "crush" on Tegan. She says "He was so cute and so nice to me when I was little". Today, Christina, is so nice to Sarah and Molly. She tells them about the fun she had with their Uncle Tegan!! She lets them jump whenever they want. Christina always says "yes" to the girls when they see her and ask if they can come over to play.

Last week we saw Dave took down that trampoline. Sarah watched and was quite sad about it. But then, we watched as he carried a big box out to the old spot. Guess What? Dave put up a brand new one. We were so excited!! Molly just barely jumps. Unsure of herself, she tends to walk around in circles, very carefully!

Sarah, on the other hand, has learned a bit about the trampoline from her Uncle Tegan. She is much more at home at jumping, somersaulting, and twisting around on it!

Just look at her face! Pure fun!
Thanks Dave and Maureen! And Christina!

Watch Molly...
She gets so daring on the rocking chair!! It won't be long before she goes nuts on the trampoline too!