Thursday, March 31, 2011

What a day...

My girl and her boy...
along with this little gem,
loaded this big truck today. Cyle and Tom worked hard packing all this little families belongings on the truck.
Cayden was excited to see this BIG TRUCK filled with all their things! I told Bri to leave with the Cyle and the truck and that I would do some cleaning at the house for her!
Cayden didn't understand why Meme wasn't going to "Van Werk" in his car too.

Hugs and kisses. Tears. And off they went. Tears...

I stayed behind with Molly, who helped me cry.

She kept saying "Goodbyes are so hard, aren't they Meme?"

She cleaned with me and we cried some more when we went into Cayden's playroom and saw his little chalkboard with his name still written on it. We looked in the Jungle room and felt sad it was empty. Molly saw her old crib up in Mya's room and wondered..."Where will Mya sleep tonight?" I assured her Mya had her own crib in Van Wert, "don't worry" and we laughed and said Cayden always says that to us!! Don't Worry!

I came home to find comments on my blog from sweet friends, Roxi, Gina, Sheila, Nancy~ Thank You!

I found these beautiful flowers on my counter with a note that said...

Thinking of you and I love you,

Thank you Meigan!

A cheery phone message from Roxi~ Thank you Roxi!

Dave assuring me it would all be ok. Reminding me how Cayden will love growing up where he can run around outside and play in the woods! Thanks honey!

Texts from Beckie and Donny~ I love you too!

Sweet phone call from Molly and Sarah~ Meme loves you so so much!

Then the text from Bridget,

with this picture...
and this word-

HOME :~)

All is well.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sharing Our Love~

We spent the last few days together, knowing these two love bugs will be moving Thursday.
Cayden told Molly ~ "Come to Van Werk and play with me!"
Sarah can't wait to visit Cayden and Mya to help Aunt Doodie! She loves to hold Mya and read stories to Cayden.
Cayden gets to play with Uncle Danny.
Aunt BB spends time with Mya Brynn!
Molly shares some love with Mya~
Papa gets some playtime on the floor... while Cayden rides like a cowboy, and Molly gives Mya some hair!!
Tomorrow is the big day! I am hoping all goes smoothly and without a hitch! I will spend some more time playing with Mya and Cayden while the truck is loaded~

Cayden says...
"I'm a country boy"
It's a very exciting time for my Bridget and Cyle, a new chapter! I just keep thinking about little Cayden's personality... his outgoing nature, his friendliness, his heart and I think to myself....

Yep... he'll make a mighty fine "good ole boy"

Check out Bri's blog! Cute pics!

Monday, March 28, 2011

One day, you will not want to hold my hand anymore...

Danny... I recently shared this story with some friends. When you were a little boy, you always wanted to hold my hand. I loved it but I would tell you, as you grew...
"One day, you will not want to hold my hand anymore." Your little face would look up at mine and say... "No Mommy, I will always hold your hand."

As you got older, it became a game between us. I would take your hand and you would look at me and say...
"It's not going to be today Mom." You melted my heart then, and you still do!
I love you so much.
The man that you are, the boy that you were...
I know if I needed to hold your hand~ you would be there for me!

Happy 26th Birthday ~ I love you! The future is shining bright in front of you!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Days of Plenty...

The BIG News is this...

Cyle and Bridget are moving to Van Wert Ohio!

I keep telling myself ~ It is only 3 hours away!

I keep telling myself ~ I will be freed up to travel more, to see Layla Lynn more, to get to Florida more, etc. since I won't be watching Cayden and Mya any more while Bridget and Cyle work.

I keep telling myself ~ I will see them often, since they are keeping Cayden's orthopedic doctor here in town and of course they will travel "Home" to see Meme, Papa, Aunt BB, Uncle Donny, Sarah, Molly, & Uncle Danny!

So I have had the kids alot lately. Cyle went to Van Wert to prepare the house there and the kids stayed with Dave and I while Bridget worked. These are the Days of Plenty....

Plenty of this little face.... Mya Brynn,
and this little face... Townsend Cayden!
Think I will miss them?

Sarah, Molly and Aunt BB came over on Thursday night and Sarah did some crafting with Cayden!
She taught him how to use a glue stick...
A perfect teacher and a perfect student!
Cayden and Mya stayed overnight Friday and Saturday. Cayden got in lots of Papa time!
Cyle is from Van Wert, so this is exciting for both of them to be moving "Home". They will live in the house Cyle grew up in, the city where is friends and family still live. Bridget got a job at Van Wert County Hospital, in surgery, and starts Monday April 4th. She interviewed on Monday March 21st and got the call the next day! The moving truck comes Thursday. I am happy for them, as they are all so very excited!

Me, oh, not so happy for me.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

More Changes...

Our home in Florida is having yet another update! This is the master bath...
This is the master bath after the guys do their demolition! Bob, Ken, Rick and Dave started the process after the rest of the golfing buddies went home last week!

Ken and Bob headed home and Larry came in to do the tile work with Dave! Dave is given the cutting job!
Larry does the tile work...
These two are quite the team!
The shower is looking good!
Floor tiles done too!
Jeanette came in to spend some time with Larry~ They will travel to visit her mom once Larry is finished up in the bathroom! Dave stayed an extra day to help get it done, then left the rest in Larry's capable hands!

Rick left my house, after the shower weekend and his birthday celebration, on Monday~ just as Dave got home! What a crazy life~ coming and going~ who's on first? HA!

When Rick got home he went down to my house and shot this video!

I can't wait to get there to see it myself! Only 23 days till we all get together there for Easter! Layla will meet all her cousins~ We can hardly wait!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Keeping Warm...Mya style!

On St Patrick's day my Meme got me some Leg Warmers...They did not match with my clover onesie.But they are so cute!
They did fit me and feel so cozy...
See, they look so good, don't you think so too?

Say YES or watch out!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Murts are in town~

It's true.... The Murts are in Cleveland to celebrate Chad and Selena's upcoming wee little baby! We had a baby shower for Selena on Saturday! Missy, Levi and Roxi drove in from New Jersey on Thursday. Rick flew in from Florida on Friday am and Selena flew in from Oklahoma on Friday afternoon. It's a rare treat to have them together in Ohio so we were going to make the most of this long weekend trip! We planned a BIG SURPRISE for Rick, who will be 60 in April. First, his son Chad, Selena's better half, who was not planning on making the trip, DID!! The look on Rick's face when Chad walked in the door was priceless! Little did he know we had another surprise up our sleeves!

The Murts... Missy, Roxi, Rick, Selena and Chad. Missing from this photo: little Levi and his daddy Jason~
We arranged for "our gang" to meet us at Champs for a surprise birthday dinner! Here's Rick at the moment of SURPRISE!
Melissa looking happy to have surprised her Dad!
Some crazy party guests... Jim and I!

During the day, Cayden and Mya were here and they enjoyed meeting Little Levi for the first time!
The proud Papa...
Cayden waving to his friend Missy!
Bright beautiful sunshine warmed our days...
while little ones warmed our hearts~
Levi's name pillow is presented! Oh that Debbie!
Levi snuggled Papa as he sings low and slow~ Amazing Grace! He loves to feel the good vibrations!
I have been waiting 5 months to meet this little guy!
I watched this little girl grow up to be this mommy~
I knew she would be a good mommy~
I am tickled to witness her joy and happiness!
I am just trying to figure out what he is storing in his cheeks?? Oh God is Good! Mel and Jason are lucky parents~ Levi is just as sweet as can be~ so smiley and good natured!

After our good time Friday, we woke early Saturday to prepare for the Selena's baby shower! The nursery colors are brown, light blue and burnt orange~ easy! Deb and I got busy planning our table settings! Debbie had the baking job and she excelled, as usual! The cupcakes were little babies with binkies! Cute! She also came up with the napkin holder idea~ she is so very clever!
Blocks and toy cars finish off our table! Roxi made bookmarks and we donated to the OI Foundation instead of favors~ Thanks to everyone!
Our Selena was so beautiful and loved opening each and every gift! We had each guest, who's gift she was opening, give a bit of parenting advice!
We all know Baby M will be a HUG MAGNET!
Debbie's handywork again, a beautiful quilt. The name pillow will follow his birth since Baby M's name is a BIG FAT SECRET!
Selena was so very touched by so many parts of the day! She is the sweetest thing!
Cute gifts...
Baby Levi made the rounds! Auntie Kristen enjoys a snuggle!
Mya sat at the big girl table for the first time!
She was pretty happy about that!
Uncle Chad and Auntie Selena get some good practice and Levi was loving every minute of it!
Papa and his favorite grandson, Levi Andrew... for about 13 weeks more~ then he will have 2 Favorite grandsons!
Hey Meigan... this one is for you! Not real sure what in the world I am doing, but I had to share since I did it to you on the wonderful post! Can somebody please tell me what is going on with my hair? Sarah, Molly, Cayden, Mya and Layla... Isn't Meme so FUNNY?
There's so much more, but all in good time, my friends! I don't want to overwhelm you or anything! Big Papa Dave comes home tomorrow~ he missed all the festivities but just wait till I blog about what he has been up to in Florida!