Saturday, October 17, 2009

I'm BACK....

We had a great time in Vegas.... wish I could share but you know... What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!! Really we had a wonderful time. We saw Bette Midler, Jersey Boys and Frank Calleindo, the comedian. We also saw a Vegas show with some very beautiful girls! I enjoyed a hot stone massage and a day at the spa and pool. Those who know me, know that gambling is not really my thing. Or Dave's... we tried. We played some at the crap table, we played some at the roulette table and I played some at the WHEEL OF FORTUNE, my favorite slot machine. BIG MONEY.... remember Jeanette?? I only would do 20 here and 20 there, until the last day when I splurged and put 100 in the WHEEL slot and within minutes I won 150 so guess what I did? I bet you can! Yeah... I walked away with 250! That was it for me... Our anniversary was so nice with dinner and a show... Bette. That woman is 64 years old and still going strong! She did lay down on the stage at one point and said she was so tired. She cried for Cher to be back or better yet for Donny & Marie, who were performing across from Ceasars, to just cross the F...... Street and help her out!! She and Cher rotate the stage every month and a half. Bette was seriously funny. She sang all my favorites... especially Glory of Love. You gotta give, a little, take, a little, and let your poor heart break, a little. Great fun! I think Dave's favorite show was Jersey Boys, it was so entertaining! So we left Vegas on Friday afternoon, having had a fabulously relaxing and enjoyable 30th anniversary week! We wanted to renew vows there, but, darn it, the Elvis and Priscilla costumes were already taken at the chapel. We decided to wait and see if this marriage can last till our 50th before we make such a big commitment with renewing our vows... You just never know what might happen!!!

My little gems came over today... Sarah, Molly and Cayden! I watched the girls while Don and Beckie did some house hunting. They are looking to move further west... where they can have some land with the house! Bridget came to spend the day and rest a little before her 7 pm shift at the hospital. Cayden is sleeping over again since his daddy is still on the mend. Cyle is doing great with his physical therapy and they cut it back to once a week. He sees the Dr. Tuesday for his post op appt. All is going well so far! Cayden had his 15 month check up and the doctor did recommend he have genetic testing for brittle bone disease. His little eyes are still cloudy and his teeth are coming in looking cloudy/darker than they should and the pediatrician feels that this may be a sign he may have the disorder. Bridget and Cyle are so worried and are anxiously awaiting Thursday appt. to get some answers. Read her thoughts here. Say some little prayers for this boy... He is one tough cookie! Check out this picture... Mama says "Put em up"

He loves to watch his Mama and repeat EVERYTHING she says! Cayden has a large vocabulary for a baby his age!!

Sarah and Molly play dress up and dance to the Wicked Soundtrack and until...
they wear themselves completely out!! Rest Period at Meme's!
Happy to be home! Enjoy your weekend!

Oh Gina... wish there was a fun game to the comment. No such LUCK! Just an inside joke about friends of ours, who roll a dice (1) to determine how many times that week they will have.... You guess the rest!! Such craziness! Please keep your kids!!!