Wednesday, November 3, 2010

30 Days of Thanks~ #3 A Wonderful Papa!

I am thankful that Dave is such a hands on Papa! Where did he learn it? Neither of us had grandparents like we are to our grandkids... but we did have kids! Dave is the same kind of Papa as he was a Dad! Always ready to hold, change, feed, play... whatever! He loves all his grandbabies so much!
Even our own children didn't have the thrill of a Papa like our grandkids have in Dave! He is silly... and so fun to be around!! He plays horsey rides...
and he will even "buck" you right off onto a pillow!
He makes us laugh and giggle!
I love him so much because he even brings the silly out in me!
We are all Thankful for Papa!!

30 Days of Thanks~ #2...4 Generations of Women

Just wanted to share this picture of Layla Lynn with her Mom, Kelley~ Kelley's Mom, Deanna~&~ Deanna's Mom, Milly!
How very special~ Check out Layla's first Halloween here!

I am thankful for families!